How to Use SubmitHub in 2024 to Get Your Music on Playlists

How to Use SubmitHub in 2024

Music placement on prominent playlists and music platforms is one of the most crucial aspects of exposure for an independent artist. While it is not enough to make it big in the industry, appearing on more playlists and radio shows can lead to efforts attracting more listeners. With SubmitHub still being one of the most effective options in 2024 for artists seeking to get their music on relevant curated lists, understanding how it works and how to use this platform is crucial. This article will outline everything you need to know about how to use SubmitHub in 2024 with the best possible outcomes for your music.

Understanding SubmitHub’s Role in Music Promotion

SubmitHub was developed to simplify the job of sending music to playlist curators. This is not Spotify official curators, but rather users that have their own Spotify playlists with a decent amount of followers and engagement. One of the interesting things about Submithub is that when you send your music to a curator, they will provide feedback, even if they decide not to include your song on their playlists. This is great, as you can make sure that people are actually listening to your music (they’re forced to listen at least 60 seconds of each song) and you also receive constructive feedback.

Best Practices for Using SubmitHub in 2024

Create a Detailed Profile
The first step to using SubmitHub effectively will be creating a comprehensive artist profile.

Select the Right Targeting
This step is crucial, and 90% of your success will depend on it. The platform has 1,806 curators as of today, and most of them focus on specific genres. It’s key to target the curators who have approved music in the past that is similar to your style. You can select up to 3 music genres, so be strategic with the ones you pick.

Don’t know your exact music genre? No worries, they have a tool where you can paste a link to your song and an AI detects the genres of your music. I’ve tried it multiple times and it’s almost always right.

Once the system shows you all the curators available for the genres you chose, they also display the “Genre Match”, which is key to select the ones that are more compatible with your style. I tend to focus only on the ones who have a “Genre Match” score above 8.

Craft Personalized Messages
Before submitting the music, you will have a chance to write a little message. Make this message unique for each submitted song to the curator. Use specific details about the curator’s music style or theme. Do not write general texts to them, as even a single reference shows that the message sender cares.

Use the Feedback
One of the biggest benefits that are hard to find on similar platforms is feedback from curators. Take all feedback, positive or negative, and use it. The feedback will help you understand how your music comes off with the seasoned professionals. This knowledge can be useful for future production, marketing strategies, and it is a sensible expenditure.


Submitting to SubmitHub correctly in 2024 is much more than just scattering your songs around. You need to create a good-looking artist profile, choose the right targets, send personal messages, and know how to deal with feedback. Adhering to the recommendations, you will have a chance of getting onto the playlists, one of the most important milestones in your way to the top that will greatly increase your audience and expand on your career. Since everything will keep on changing, remember to adjust your tactics and keep updated as the time goes on to make the best use of this platform.

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