How to Get Your Music on Spotify’s Discover Weekly: A Guide for Artists

How to Get Your Music on Spotify's Discover Weekly

Spotify hosts a multitude of playlists, each with its unique charm, yet one outshines them all in terms of impact and opportunity for artists: Discover Weekly. Today, we’ll delve into why Discover Weekly stands as the most potent playlist on Spotify, its operational mechanism, and strategies for artists to leverage its potential.

The Unmatched Influence of Discover Weekly

Nearly 2 Billion Music Discoveries Happen on Spotify Every Day. While playlists like Release Radar and Radio hold significant algorithmic value, and editorial playlists can create massive waves, Discover Weekly reigns supreme. Its edge lies in providing artists with the highest chance for tangible, repeatable impact. Unlike Release Radar, which has a limited four-week lifespan post-song release, or the algorithmically opaque Radio, Discover Weekly presents clear rules for accessibility and direct attribution to promotional efforts or organic success.

The Inner Workings of Discover Weekly

This algorithmic playlist, uniquely tailored for each Spotify user, updates every Monday with 30 songs. These tracks are selected based on the user’s listening history, including both familiar and new artists. To feature a song on Discover Weekly, it must attain a popularity score of at least 25%. At this threshold, the song begins to undergo testing with a small listener base, providing visible insights within Spotify for Artists. The real magic happens when a song hits a 30% popularity score, triggering Discover Weekly “pushes” based on the track’s performance in the preceding 28 days. This dynamic process not only introduces new listeners but also feeds into Spotify’s algorithm, enhancing the song’s presence on other playlists like Radio.

Strategizing for Discover Weekly Success

So, how does one secure a spot on Discover Weekly? A key metric is achieving 9,000 to 10,000 streams within the 28-day period before the playlist’s weekly update. Additionally, the number of listeners and saves plays a crucial role. Authenticity is paramount; artificially inflated streams won’t cut it. The goal is to concentrate traffic to your song on Spotify as swiftly as possible. A robust Release Radar presence can act as a stepping stone to Discover Weekly.

Whether promoting a new release or an older track, the key is driving significant traffic within a concise timeframe. This can be achieved through a surge of organic content directed at your song or by implementing a well-crafted ad campaign. Ideally, a combination of both tactics works best.

The Path to Discover Weekly: A Blend of Art and Strategy

Ultimately, getting your song on Discover Weekly is a blend of artistic appeal and strategic marketing. It’s about creating music that resonates and employing savvy promotional tactics to ensure it reaches the right ears at the right time. This not only maximizes the chances of landing on Discover Weekly but also opens up avenues for further growth on Spotify.

Remember, success on Spotify, especially on a platform-defining playlist like Discover Weekly, is not just about the numbers. It’s about understanding the intricate dance between creativity, audience engagement, and strategic promotion. Navigate this landscape well, and Discover Weekly could be the launchpad that propels your music to new heights.

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