Proxizor & Dialective - One World

“Proxizor and Dialective come together in a sonic collision, unleashing their heavy neurofunk beast, ‘One World.’ Pulsating with energy, this track takes no prisoners as its hard-hitting basslines penetrate the speakers with surgical precision. Intense drums drive the rhythm, while glitched-out samples add an unpredictable edge. ‘One World’ is a relentless journey into the depths of neurofunk, showcasing the raw power and intricate production techniques of Proxizor and Dialective. This track is a definitive must-listen for any fans of the genre, leaving no doubt that the world of neurofunk remains a force to be reckoned with.”

Soundcloud: @dialect-audio

@Proxizor :

Released by:
Dialect Audio

Release date:
1 March 2024

℗ Dialect Audio 2024

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